Pledge Partners

These are organizations and businesses who have officially signed on to the "no plastic please" pledge. They have committed to avoiding, eliminating, or replacing at least 5 of the 8 "no plastic please" pledge items. They have also expressed a commitment to continue to reduce their single-use plastic footprint.

The Pittsburgh Vegan Society is a non-profit organization that supports the vegan community in Pittsburgh through education, advocacy, and social connection.  PVS maintains that animals, the environment, and the local community are all of moral significance.  PVS has committed to replacing plastic cutlery and cups they use for meetings with reusable alternatives, and continuing to avoid most other forms of single-use plastic. 


The Environmental Issues Committee, of the LWV of Indiana County,  studies and educates the public about environmental sustainability, the effects of Marcellus Shale drilling, and the impact of plastics on the environment, among other issues. They released an informative guide titled “All About Plastic” which covers the issues and negative environmental impacts of plastic across its entire lifecycle. LWV of Indiana County has committed to the plastics issue not only as an ally,  they’ve also committed as an NPP Pledge Partner to avoid single-use plastics at their events and meetings.

Nestled in Millvale, Tupelo Honey Teas offers delicious teas and food with their plant-based menu, all with minimum single-use plastic. Cafe-owner Danielle Spinola is also committed to helping other business and organizations in her Millvale community move away from plastic, spearheading initiatives like a reusable Millvale cup and alternative take-out boxes. 
In the quest to eliminate single-use plastic from grocery shopping, the East End Food Coop is a wonderful ally and community example. At the CoOp, you can buy many items without any single-use packaging at all because they allow you to use your own containers for many items. They have also switched their quick-serve takeout containers, straws, cups, and single-use utensils to compostable products, which they ensure are sent to a commercial composter through their contracted compost hauler. They also encourage bringing your own bag and mug with a 10 cent discount.  Learn more about how East End Food CoOp supports eliminating single-use plastic.

Pittsburgh native Emma Neely created Rooted Ice Cream with a passion for great ice cream and a vision for a sustainable product. Rooted is committed to minimizing their plastic-based footprint. To that end, all of their spoons, cartons, and cups are made of compostable materials. You can find Rooted’s ice cream at Butterwood Bake Consortium and Adesso Cafe, or join their Pint Club.



These are other active Pittsburgh-area organizations who share similar missions to eliminate harmful plastic waste.
Sustainable Pittsburgh
Pittsburgher's Against Single-Use Plastic
The Izaak Walton League
League of Women Voters of Indiana County
Pittsburgh Vegan Society


These are local businesses whose products and business models support Pittsburgher's moving away from single-use plastic.
East End
Food Coop
Dianne's Dishware

Do you know another local organization or business that belongs on this list? Is your business or organization interested in being recognized as a pledge partner? Please reach out.