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People change when they see others making changes. 

We never know when our own choices might influence the choices of others.

Briefly share with us why you’ve taken the “no plastic please” pledge and we may feature your story on the website or social media channels to inspire others!

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I pledge because...

I say “No Plastic Please” because:

I want to do what I can to reduce the negative impact plastic is having on our world today and on the future world for our children.

Highland Park

I don’t like having more

I don’t like having more trash then items / food. My reuseable items are stronger, better looking, and more functional then single use plastic.


Animals don’t deserve to have

Animals don’t deserve to have their homes negatively affected because of the habits of humans. I want to live in a clean community where humans and animals alike can flourish in a healthy and natural way.

Natalie A.
South Side

There’s no good reason NOT

There’s no good reason NOT to reduce your plastic waste! Plastic won’t break down in your lifetime, so why leave more trash behind you as a legacy? Thinking outside the box and remembering to carry your bamboo utensils or simply bring a cup to your local coffee shop is good for your brain, too!

Rachael Wonderlin